I’m a professional photographer based in Ancona, Central Italy, with a long-standing experience as a freelance press photographer.

Throughout my long career I’ve been covering different stories all over the world, confronting myself with a wide range of situations and subjects, and conveying with my photos the emotions I experienced.

Among my award winning works I like to name “Walking in Hong Kong”, shot in the most western-looking among Asian cities; “Kingston n°9067” a documentary shooting on a Russian cargo ship; my series of photos of last hippies and homeless people of the legendary Ashbury Street, in San Francisco (CA); “Altomare”, a photography book of photos shot on deep-sea fishing boats; my photography book of shots witnessing social and political changes in Sarajevo 20 years after the Bosnian war (1992 – 1995).

I received an Honorable Mention at the Paris Photography Prize in 2009.

My style is based on my ability to look at things in a different way well before I shoot. More than relying on a method, my style comes out of my world view, shaped and inspired by many works of art, especially by Caravaggio.


Details have a prime role in my pictures, as elements contributing to tell the story of emotions and important moments to cherish.

I always work in a caring and professional way to catch and record unique moments for you to enjoy ever and again, like your wedding and your newborn baby. I pay close attention, too, when I portray your business, your staff and products, your events or projects you carry out.

My photographic services aim at capturing special moments and emotions in every different occasion, and fix them on unique pictures.

My team of photographers shares my expertise in storytelling and my vision. The team was created and developed over an extended period of time, to guarantee the high quality level of shooting.

Our approach to photography and our working method always follow my cardinal rule: if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.