Our wedding photo book “Epoca” is an excellent quality product. Photosì is a leading company at world level. We constantly improve layouts and page settings of our products, and customise them for every photo book we create. You always get a unique piece.

We can offer the Plexi Box too, a fashionably designed solution to save your photo book and an interior design object. The Plexi Box is a plexiglas box containing your best photos, printed and glued on cardboard, and a new way of keeping your memories at hand, pretty successful among our newlyweds.


Pictures for your wedding

I can travel to shoot your wedding all over Italy as well as abroad.

A wedding photo shoot is the storytelling through images of one of the most beautiful and moving day of your life: setting up, getting dressed for an unforgettable ceremony, caressing, embracing, partying with friends, smiling, kissing. Your emotions and those of your dear ones and friends, tears and looks, everything goes down in history. Shooting a wedding to me means paying attention to meaningful details, those truly revealing emotions, and being able to look at situations with an unusual approach, and with the skilled eye and technical mastery gained in many years of photo shooting.

Every time I take a unique, creative photo shoot. My approach implies getting to know the bride and the groom, in order to tune my sensitivity and eye with their style and desires. That’s why I like to meet you before we speak about a service proposal: I want to be sure you’ll get exactly what you expect.

Thanks to my team of professional photographers I can always offer a high quality service.

The best way to understand my work style is to browse through my portfolio. Feel free to contact me for any further information.